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Hey. I'm a self-taught techie. I've been teaching myself tech skills.

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I created a collection of UI Components for React built with Tailwind CSS

Great job

How I Built My Dream Portfolio Site

Awesome, really cool, that cards effect is nice

What do you think about my portfolio?

Yeah, those sites are not online anymore, I'm going to remove...

Changing Careers Into Tech: Why Perseverance and Mindset Matter

Nice post!

Did You Know These 14 Useful HTML Tags?

Hey ;) That progress tag, I didn't knew, very useful. Thanks

The Promises guide I would have loved as a junior developper

Wow! Finally I've got a cleaner vision about promises ;) Th...

How I got my first developer job

Congratulations, good job!

Is FreeLancing is Necessary for Getting a JOB?

Looks like, I'm having de same situation, every one asks for...

Tail-kit : 200+ free Tailwind components / templates

Wow Amazing ;)


This is great ;) Thanks

Bootstrap 5 + React project setup and customisation

Its easier than I thought, thanks

Why I Hate Frontend

I'm starting get full of front end also, i spend to many time...

Let's be fancy with a console signature

Thanks ;)

Let's be fancy with a console signature

How did you set this cookie icon?

Tech prototyping tools and libs for frontend web devs πŸ’»πŸš€πŸŒ


Let's be fancy with a console signature

Haha That's funny Going to implement that om my portfolio

Colorful Neon Effect on Hover using HTML & CSS

Hey that is cool ;)

Project with mixed NPM and YARN use

I mix it a lot because sometimes I get an error when instalin...

16 Simple Tips to Boost Your Productivity x10

Nice ;)

Construindo um blog usando Nextjs e a API do

O link da Vercel nΓ£o ta a funcionar

Publish Latest Dev.To Post to Portfolio Site

Nice portfolio

Create Your Own Whatsapp Spambot in 5 Minutes

Nice ;)

Tailwind CSS Tutorial

Nice video ;) Thanks

Welcome Thread - v102

Hello! I'm a self-taught developer, I'm learning React and I ...