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Hi guys, my name is Luis, I'm 32 yo and I'm from Portugal. I'm mainly a PHP / MySQL developer but currently I'm working with Node.js / MongoDB.

Through out the years I've worked (professionally and personally) with some PHP frameworks (Zend, Yii2) and I've done some Full Stacking. I've also done a few personal projects, mainly some apps / scripts that automate daily tasks (with Electron / Node.js, PHP, bash scripting, etc.).

I'm a bodybuilder (competed some years ago and now I'm just working out for fun and for the mind, yep, I'm more focused if I train consistently).

When I'm coding I usually listen to metal. I love bands like Amorphis and Myrath.

This year I want to learn much more. I want to improve my skills in Python and Vue.js. And I want to finally get into GraphQL and React.

I have two questions for you guys. How do you manage to stay motivated to keep coding and to keep evolving, having so many prog. languages / tech nowadays? How do you decide what to learn and when to learn (on personal time obviously)?


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