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re: It's a waste of time to learn vim. here's my reasoning. Yes it's a bit annoying if you have to edit something on the fly on a server without a GU...

I have probs spent well less than 1 day in total working in vim, in my dev career.

Honestly it only really takes a day or two to learn most of what you need to know to be productive in Vim. One of the great things about Vim is that it doesn't actually have that many important keybindings but the ones it has can be composited in many ways.

Not that I'm trying to convert anyone but I think the 'learning cliff' meme is inaccurate and scares people off that might otherwise benefit from learning Vim.

Of course I use it partly because it was easier for me to know VIm and be able to edit stuff up on a glorified mainframe when I was in school than to constantly be pushing code up and down.

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