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Discussion on: A Faster Free Heroku (Kinda) | Quick Hack

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Nukala Suraj Author

F, I didn't consider that 😅😅😅

Ig this article is pretty useless now

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You made a mistake, so what?

We all make mistakes. I do too. Don't let it be a failure but a recall that there might be more things to dig into when the solution looks too simple.

Even if your solution does not work (we all know that now), your though process was good, and you even documented your solution. This can be a calling to ethical hacking. Of course, there was more to it and the Heroku documentation prooved it.

Next time you'll learn from this mistake and dig into every piece of information you can find deeper and I'm pretty sure you'll find some interesting things to share to us here on DEV.

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Nukala Suraj Author

Yuppp, I'm never ever going to post about anything without testing it myself

No matter how amazing it looks