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Building FrontEnd (Web) for Python Scripts | React | Node | Heroku

Nukala Suraj
I'm just a guy who'se a developer for fun
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This Is An Experiment To See How Much A Better Title and A Better Intro Affect A Blog React UI for Python Scripts on Node.JS

JavaScript is my 💖 language

I ❤️ It

cuz I can build anything beautiful stuff that anyone can interact with from anywhere at anytime.


Moreover it can be and is being used in production all around the globe by companies Spotify, Netflix, Discord, Figma, AirBnb and soo many more

  1. Web : JavaScript, React, Svelte, etc
  2. Mobile : React Native
  3. Desktop : Electron
  4. Server-Side : Node/Express, etc
  5. Machine Learning : Tensorflow.js
  6. Robots: JohnnyFive

Building a react app for some javascript code is super easy, but what if you wanted to use it for some python code, maybe a image processing script you wrote using numpy

since numpy doesn't have a proper counter-part (similar syntax) in javascript

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