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re: I imagine that guy screaming behind your shoulder 😂 But generally: do it only when you know what you are doing :) I think you will not like me, bec...

Haha, definitely! If you can understand what it does and how it will work, you can use it.

But rebasing will always make me shudder ;)


If you habe talent for git, you will get used to it. If not (like most devs), use basic 5 commands and be glad to be glad 😂 :)

Mm, I would say I have a talent for git. This article is based on my experiences training years ago :)

I also have a talent for keeping a comprehensive history... people have preferences, mine is for merge, and it's an informed decision, not one stemming from a lack of talent or experience.

so good for you :) i got into rebase way, at my first job it was this way and it sticks. plus i like linear history :)
and Lucia! never do sudo rm -rf —no-preserve-root unless you want to discart machine. (Scorched earth) 😂

but anyway, nice sum-up

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