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Why make HTML templates as a frontend developer

Developers in general are in the best position to "productize" their work and start earning passive income while they sleep, on vacation or even when working the day job. For web developers it's even easier.

Repurposing your already made work and your accumulated experience into products will bring benefits on all fronts. Besides the sweet passive income, you get freelancing inquiries and better job opportunities.

There is a myriad of products you can build even with just good HTML CSS skills and some design or copywriting knowledge. From blogs, tutorials, courses, ebooks to my specialty HTML templates.

Honestly I think HTML templates are the easiest and very useful products a frontend web developer can build. You probably think that passive income is not worth it but here are the full range of benefits you can expect.

Learn by building

It's an exciting way of learning web development and that means there is an emotion attached to the learning process.

The wonderful feeling of building your own product with complete creative freedom that people might love and even pay for makes everything you learn much easier to absorb.

Better dev job

Having 5 HTML templates that are actively published for sale can help you get a better paying junior frontend developer position within a startup.

Seeing the templates in your portfolio the recruiter understands that you are capable of taking a product from concept all the way to the customer's hands completing all stages of planning, design and development.

Passive income

There is something magical about creating something from nothing and getting sales for it while you sleep, on vacation and even while working your day job.

HTML templates are some of the easiest products a web developer can build with basic skills and nocode tools for selling and item delivery.

Active income

Having HTML templates offered for sale or as free downloads will bring in a good number of freelancing services requests. Users that download the templates reach out to ask if you are available for customization work.

Lucrative partnerships

HTML templates are the foundation for WordPress themes. Partner up with a WP dev which will convert your templates to themes and offer them on their own website or marketplaces. Make a deal for a sales percentage.

Generous customers

I was blessed with a few users that purchased most of my templates twice and not necessarily because thy actually needed them. They purchased them to offer support and help me continue working on building them.

Sponsored tweets

This one is indirect and it only happens if you invest the time to grow your Twitter audience. Given the fact that it's virtually impossible to sell through your own website without an audience I assume you will be doing this.

Project buyout

About 1 month after launching one of my template websites on Product Hunt I got an inquiry from a big nocode app builder startup that wanted to purchase this website for the users, traffic and everything that came along. It didn't go through but impressive nonetheless.

Hope these opportunities got you fired up and interested in making HTML templates. It will definitely be worth your time if you are a visual inclined developer interested in improving your design sills.

Please let me know any questions you have in the comments section.

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Lucian Tartea Author

I wrote an ebook called How To Create And Sell HTML Templates based on my real experience of a couple of years doing this full time. Check out the link for more details where I have a generous Free Preview with more info on template making

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RolandiXor (Roland L. Taylor)

My comment was deleted? That's odd.

Anyway, thank you for the insights and information.

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Lucian Tartea Author

Thank you very much Roland

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Thanks Lucian for this insighful article.

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Lucian Tartea Author

My pleasure, I am glad to share my experience

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leandro dias de carvalho

Obrigado pela inspiração e pelas belas palavras.