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Discussion on: Strapi, another use case: Build your own API from any website with Puppeteer

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Lucas Verra

What is the vest way to manage authentication with puppeteer ? To have access to our own data in linkedin

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ELABBASSI Hicham Author

Hi Lucas,

I didn't have time to test that solution (and I think it isn't the best way to do this) but I think you will need to sign in to Linkedin with your browser (to start a session) and find the li_at cookie in the DEV tools. Then, you will be able to set this cookie before navigating to Linkedin (just before the await page.goTo(...))

await page.setCookie({
      'name': 'li_at',
      'value': YOUR_COOKIE_VALUE,
      'domain': ''

I really recommend you to create a simple function to check if you are logged in or not. Something like

const checkIfLoggedIn = async (page) => {
     const isAuthenticated = await page.$('.sign-in-card') === null;
     return isAuthenticated;

I think this function needs to be called after the setCookie because your Linkedin session can be finished.

Feel free to add some additional information about this solution or suggest a better way to do that.