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Lucas Bittencourt on March 22, 2019

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Download Insomnia, so you can finally GET some REST

That tagline though. 10/10


Thanks for your suggestion, Enberg! I've added it :)

  • is great for API documentation and works offline.
  • MDN docs are great. If you're on a Mac and use Alfred there is a great workflow for it. That and more in My Mac Setup if you're interested.
  • npx add-gitignore for adding a git ignore file to your project for a specific language

TejasQ / add-gitignore

An interactive CLI tool that adds a .gitignore to your projects.


This tiny CLI script that generates a .gitignore file for your projects.

add-gitignore demo


You'll want to make sure you have NodeJS installed on your computer. Then, setup is as simple as:

  • npx add-gitignore

If you've got an older version of node that doesn't yet have npx, here's a more traditional setup:

  • npm i -g add-gitignore
  • add-gitignore macOS Emacs node # or whatever you need

Alternatively, running just add-gitignore gives you a nice multi-select interface from which you can choose what to ignore, and using the --help flag helps you out.

Special Thanks

I hope this makes your life easier.

Made with ❤️.

  • VS Code is great. If you use it, here's my setup, although it's a little out of date.

Thanks, Taylor! I've added your suggestions in this post. Thanks again, and have a nice day.


Follow this post on GitHub: and help to contribute and grow! (It has a BR version too)


GitHub projects are a good substitute for Trello. Flexible enough and lets you organize where you are. for those who work with Markdown and GitHub which helps in seeing how it will be rendered GH-style.


Thanks for your suggestion, Berkmann! This will help a lot of people, including me.


Good picks. Zeit Now Looks cool, I’m pretty happy with Netlify for deploying static sites via github/gitlab etc.


Great, Corker! I've added your suggestion to the post, thank you very much. :)


I use TinyPNG online service to compress JPEG or PNG files, Digital Ocean for deploying my apps, Namecheap to register domains and I started using the Cloudflare service to manage DNS settings.


Thanks for your suggestions, Martinez! I've added it :)


If you are using Visual Studio Code then consider Polaroid, it is similiar to Carbon :)


Thanks, Tuấn! I've added it to VSCode Extensions.


Wow! svgomg is awesome. Thanks for the suggestions, i've added it to the post :)


Great list man, Very useful. Thanks for sharing 😁

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