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First CRUD application! (Express.js/MongoDB)

lucasmrl profile image Lucas L. ・2 min read

Hey DEV's!

This is actually my first post and to be honest, I am kinda excited to share this with you all.πŸ€ͺ

I've been studying programming for the past few months. HTML and CSS were familiar but I had no clue about Javascript.

I took a really awesome course on Udemy that helped me a lot. Then, right after that, I took another one about Node.js/ Express, and MongoDB.

In my case, I learn by "doing". So, instead of following the same projects, I decided to create a basic CRUD application to apply what I have been learning.

The result: Journals

What I used/learned along with this project:
-CSS Framework (PaperCSS)
-Server-side Rendering (Pug)
-Javascript fundamentals and ES6
-Node.js & Express.js

And so much more! 😯

I know that this will be a long journey but after finishing this as my second project (The first one was a simple To-Do List built with Javascript), I can say that it is totally worth it!

What helped me:

  1. Create a plan (What I will learn first? And after that?)
  2. Followed concepts, not "Do what I Do" (Never followed the same project, always tried something different with the same concepts)
  3. β€œThe best is the enemy of the good.” mindset!

About the number "3". I started to learn programming before but I gave up twice because I couldn't get everything at first. Stupid mistake!
Now, I will try. If that doesn't work, I will try another way. It doesn't matter if it is not the BEST way, but if it works, I will celebrate my small victory TODAY and improve TOMORROW!😌

That's all! I hope to be more around here!

Lucas L.

PS 1: This was only for learning purposes.
PS 2: The list with things I didn't focus was way bigger (handling errors, security, authentication, etc...)


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Lucas L.


Born and raised in Brazil. Focusing on Javascript! πŸ˜ƒ


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Congrats Lucas! And welcome to DEV!


"It looks like a Medium, but not that fancy." πŸ˜‚

Have you seen gothinkster's realworld github repo? It's a medium clone tutorial


No, never heard of. I just took a look and definitely it is a great idea! Thanks for sharing larswww!


i love your learn way!
thank's for share :)


Thank you for trying Mohammad :)