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re: I wish to do seomthing similar in the future, but wouldn't know where to start unless I have some guideline or turorial. What do you think?

@Alejo Garcia,

For me, I like to break all the "features" and start from the basic.
After I got a grasp in Javascript (ES6), I said "what about backend?".

Then, diving into node/express I decided to create my first CRUD app:

Since it worked, "what about authentication, upload images, etc"?
Then I dived into that.
I bought this Udemy course a few months ago, he is an awesome teacher, but I am not good in following along. (udemy.com/course/nodejs-express-mo...) I never completed any of those two projects that he teaches it.

After having my idea of a good app that would also be good to use for apply for jobs, I started. Every time I needed to implement something, I watched the videos and implemented their concepts for my project.

For React and Tailwind, I used different tutorials and articles to learn what I specifically needed. :D

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