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Discussion on: I started questioning my tech stack, and now I'm lost 😔

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Lucas Bustamante • Edited

Some of your concerns focus on both back-end and front-end development. I think a big decision a developer should make in his career is whether he wants to dive into back or front-end, since they are both HUGE fields of knowledge. You can always be full-stack, but your time and energy are one, and you will split that between both and not get too deep in both. It seems however, that you also raise a philosophical discussion about which way the web should go, which is not related to a developer skillset, but to the future of the web overall.

I'm a enterprise WordPress developer. I specialized in building multi-million dollar websites in WordPress. Yes, it's possible, even with WordPress. If WordPress can do it, think about other tools such as Laravel, NodeJs, Python, Spring, C#, Go, etc - I think that the software field is reaching a minimal level of maturity. Tests are starting to become the norm. Software architecture is starting to make sense as a business point of view for companies, and we have a great deal of things going on, and some old developers with lots of experience to share their experiences of a lifetime, each day more experienced developers arrive with accumulated experiences of past ones, and so we go.

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Henrique Doro Author

Hahahha I didn't mean to say WordPress can't do amazing stuff 🤣 Just to clarify, I feel like it's easier to create bad performing websites with WP, but it's also easier to create websites in general, so I don't devalue its strength and relevance!

About specializing and the field's maturity, I 100% agree with you, and we sure have tons of things to rejoice for - we've come a long way! However, like you said, what's bothering me the most is this philosophical discussion about the future of the web: are we excluding devs and users and risking the openness of the web with some of our current set of choices?