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Discussion on: Celebrating DEV Pride & Alan Turing!

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Łukasz • Edited on

I kindly remind everybody that Alan Turing was running a team of people who actually broke the code of Enigma and was mostly based on Polish mathematicians work (they even helped him develop the parts of the machine responsible for cracking the code):

And I have to add, that although I am in favor of treating every person welcomed despite their any attribute as a human being (either it will be sex, skin tone, orientation, mindset or whatever), I do strongly oppose making LGBTQ... whatever ideology propaganda (as the sexual preference and feeling is not a gender but... mere preference and as such not necessarily has to be adopted by everyone or receive stronger voices in favor - it should be considered completely neutral, especially in the tech industry).

It's ideological to claim that there is no biological sex and forcing anyone to think similar or putting in their face such claims.

I have nothing against you guys sharing their stories as I consider you perfectly human and I support you in your run to not be treated with hate, so please feel welcomed :)

But the team shouldn't make claims in favor of any mindset / ideology (imagine if you try to spread a Gospel of Jesus Christ on this portal - even given the fact I am a christian I wouldn't consider it appropriate either ;) )

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