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re: There are better alternatives to Password Manager VIEW POST


I have found that a lot of users avoid social login buttons because they "don't see what X has to do with this product or system." X being Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on.

As far as adoption is concerned, do you have any tips on how we can better convey social login as a good alternative?


I think what’s missing until now is the Identity Provider is usually a social network which is much more than a mere Identity Provider. Users will surely have doubts if a tax-optimization company proposes the Login with Facebook button.

If we have a single-focused Identity Provider which devotes itself to the job of authentication people would more likely accept it everywhere. This Identity Provider should be also be trusted of never cross-link data.

SimpleLogin wants to be this Identity Provider but I’m still working on the how to increase trust part, if you have any idea, please let me know!

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