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Lovepreet Singh
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How to Make your first Open Source Contribution and Get Paid

✨ Open source is like an ocean where there are many gems hidden but very few people dive to find one.

Ocean meme

When it comes to learning "How to code or What to code" People often comes up with these problems:-

  • Which language to learn first
  • Which course should I take
  • I am not feeling confident
  • Which projects to choose

All of these problems arises because we are not aware about the awesome things like Open Source Projects.

🔥 If someone wants to learn Programming/Development the best way to do this is:-

  • Pick any language and do a crash course from youtube
  • Don't spend 3-7 days on a course or videos
  • Finish basics under 1-2 days and Jump to the Projects

😔 Now Problem is How to find projects? And the answer to that is, Get ideas from

  • ProductHunt
  • WellBound
  • Y Combinator

See, what problems people are solving and how you can take any idea from bigger problems and build a project to solve a smaller problem.

😎 For Ex:- Instead of building a Whole Hotel Booking website, You can build a booking system only where people can login and book their dates on calender.

😇 After Building 2-3 smaller projects which will make the Languages and Frameworks on your tips. Now, its time to do some real stuff

  • Go to Quine or Good First Issues
  • Find beginner issues in a project on which you can work
  • Make sure you know Git and Github before this (Do a crash course on it too)
  • Now, it's the time to Join a community which you can find in the Repository of that Open Source Project and communicate with time
  • Ask doubts, and make one issue assigned to you and start working

😅 Things to Remember:-

You might feel demotivated, not able to solve an issue etc. In that case you can Join our Discord Community and can ask doubts in the general channel.


And If you will make contributions in our Open Source Project (Beginner friendly) You will get Paid, and will get Guidance for free.

On our YouTube channel. You'll get the content which will be beginner friendly and will be more aligned towards how things work.

Much more to come, Follow for more....

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vulcanwm profile image

the title is a bit misleading since the post does not specify how to actually earn money from contributing

prince272 profile image
Prince Yaw Owusu


vgaldikas profile image

I feel like maybe the author meant that contributing to open source may lead to a paid job

vulcanwm profile image

probably, but they could have explicitely said

joemcmahon profile image
Joe McMahon

The "get paid" part, from what is given here, is: spend quite a lot of time helping to maintain a project. This will build up your reputation in that community, and you will eventually be in a position to leverage the community when looking for a job.

Alternatively, you might be able to find a position that uses the software you've been contributing to, and your contributions might make a difference in the hiring process.

But directly? OSS projects are almost without exception labors of love by their communities, and working on them is working for free, unless the job you already have supports your working on the project.

h_sifat profile image
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Muhammad Sifat Hossain

Is this a clickbait?

vulcanwm profile image

looks like it

villelmo profile image
William Torrez

I learn C programming, where can make contribution in this language.

lovepreetsingh profile image
Lovepreet Singh

You can't contribute using C language. Because C language has been used by big trading firms where they develop low latency systems or algorithms.

The projects that you'll find will mostly revolve around the MERN stack or Java Backend stack in software development

swappybizz profile image
Swapnil Kumar
alokrar profile image

How to earn...

blitzcode profile image

Nice post. I have been looking for ways to contribute to open source.

spandan profile image
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Nice post... but how to earn money is missing.

hartajsinghdev profile image

hmm , money , now that's some good stuff .

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