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My first ever tutorial video: What do you think?

loujaybee profile image Lou — Cloud Engineer ・1 min read

Hey friends! I know the community is great with feedback, so I thought I'd ask you all a question...

I've been writing and blogging for quite some time on my personal website and also with commissioned and freelance written work.

However for my personal writing I felt it would benefit from a more personal touch. And I felt the only real way to do that was... through video. So I've taken a leap into making video content — so to start I just turned one of my latest articles into a tutorial video.

I'd love to know what you think, and what feedback you have. I blog mainly on cloud native engineering topics — serverless, infrastructure as code, containers etc. I guess it's mainly the "Dev" side of "DevOps".

But anyway enough about that — here it is, my first ever tutorial video!

About the 6 concepts you need to know for Terraform.

Let me know what you think!

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Daniel Gordi

Great tutorial, Keep going :)