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Discussion on: Introduction to Practical Test-Driven Development with JavaScript for beginners

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Lou — Cloud Engineer

Also nice that you wrote your own little test runner. I remember watching some tutorial where someone did that and I remember being like... "oh... I can do that?". Then I started kicking myself since the true barrier to entry for tests is just one small test function (as you did). There's pretty much no excuse or reason not to.

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Vlad Dubrovskis Author

Thanks Lou!

I wanted to show that writing tests is all about a way of thinking and that it helps you navigate the problem. I like the idea around mocking/not mocking as have fallen to that trap too before where mocked out things to the point - so if will find more time for writing may write some more stuff around testing :)

I had to recently try and explain how testing works and realised that we are too used to tooling and in reality all it is just a function that makes sure that result matches the expectation. The frameworks are out there to make a lot of things easier but the basics are still the same.

And as you said - I think once it clicks and you see the benefit of it you just don't want to go back to not doing it :)

As someone on LinkedIn said: "I never understood why someone wouldn't write lots of tests! What kind of person doesn't like to consistently prove themselves right?"