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Discussion on: Some hurdles of Github Actions 🐱‍👤

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Lou — Cloud Engineer

I've had some quite good results with Github Actions. Then again I'm not doing anything crazy complicated at the moment anyway.

I'm not aware of any way of realistically testing a build process. Have you done something in the past that would be worth sharing? As you say though with Container based CI you can wrap the container and test the internal logic.

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Ibrahim Khan Author

The project that I talked about, is proprietary, that's why I couldn't share any of the code. Thing that I did in the past were very simple, so I don't think they will be worth your time.

What I meant by test is that, Github has detailed documentation on their system specification and environment of the runners. So, we could recreate the same setup on a Docker for testing. Alternatively, we could run create a custom Docker image and write the build process with Gulp/Grunt or some other libraries. But I haven't tried it myself.