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Discussion on: I work with Containers, Automation and Cloud Stacks for up to 10 years now, ask me anything

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Lou — Cloud Engineer • Edited

Do you think serverless and containers will eventually converge?

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Raphael Habereder Ask Me Anything

To be honest, that depends on your view of the two paradigms.

I don't really see serverless too often in practice, so this is all based on little experience with it.
As I understand it, Serverless means the cloud provider runs the server/runtime, and dynamically manages the allocation of resources.
Serverless applications are broken up into functions, and hosted by a service that typically charges the developer only based on the amount of time each function runs.

That already sounds oddly familiar, don't you think?
In a sense, a CaaS/PaaS Microservice Architecture IMO can already be seen as a type of extended Serverless (with additional control over the runtime layer of containers), just going by the definition. They slot right in there. They host your container-platform, you instead push code in the prepackaged format of microservice containers.

As for reality, which all too often likes to distance itself from theory, I think a merge of the two paradigms won't happen anytime soon.
Containers still require a lot of control over the runtime, which you simply don't need with the serverless approach. Fine-Tuning resource limits and requests, as well as optimizing the basic system of images is probably all unnecessary for serverless users.

But what I can see is, that a lot of serverless platforms can probably be run on some kind of container infrastructure. So it's more of a symbiosis I see, rather than convergence.