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Playground beta for Yogurt CSS

Louis Low
UI / Web / Graphic Designer & Frontend Developer
Updated on ・1 min read

New version 0.1.5 has released!

Yogurt Playground is an advanced online developer tool for Yogurt CSS Framework to create simple or complex UI prototype on-the-go. The Yogurt Playground is similar to VS Code that you probably already familiar with. But if you prefer a native desktop app, try build from source that support Linux, Windows and MacOS. Or even serve offline locally.

$ npm run build:native:{all|linux|windows|mac}
$ yarn build:native:{all|linux|windows|mac}
$ sudo snap install yogurt-playground
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  • F1 for Command Palette
  • Right-Click for more options
  • Ctrl+Alt+M to switch windows
  • Ctrl+Alt+/ to run code
  • Ctrl+Alt+D to reset auto-saved data


Editor & Preview

Advanced code editor that similar to VS Code that you familiar.

Screenshot 01Screenshot 02

Full Screen Preview

Preview Mode allow you to drag to emulate the responsive screen size at fullscreen.

Screenshot 03


Documentation website is a PWA (Progress Web App), you can install the app on any platform you use and view it offline.


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