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50% uploaded

The Odin Project: Foundations

That's right, your girl reached 50% completed on The Odin Project: Foundations Course! Hey it's the little things alright? I am in the CSS portion learning about the box model. I already know, hold on to my bootstraps, it's gonna be a ride. I'm not trying to fly through this thing. I want to be sure I'm retaining the information. Sure I still have to google/check back every now and then but who doesn't? I know WHERE to find what I'm looking for because I remember seeing it and how the syntax goes for the most part. So that's a win in my book.


Yeah I don't really have a one just yet. I have been thinking of some things I'd like to do along with the course's projects. I'd like to do something with Fantasy Football. Like a tracker or ticker that people can use during a live draft. Maybe even have the previous season's player's stats/ADP in there? I'm also open to suggestions people so lay it on me. Gently please, remember I'm still learning what the padding, border and margin is. :)

Happy coding everyone! I'm about to wrap up studying for the morning and watch some college football with the family. But not before I go check out a few articles on here :)

Mandy B...out ✌🏾

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Congrats! Let's get that 100!