re: Which dotfiles (e.g. .bashrc, .vimrc) do you actually customize/depend on for your daily dev machine setup? VIEW POST

re: Definitely my .zshrc file. I couldn't survive without all my aliases. Close second would be my .vimrc. Followed by .tmux.conf

Thanks! Do you use Vim are your primary editor? And that’s why you’d rely on its config being present?


At the moment I do. I used Sublime and then VSCode before. Both with Vim key bindings.

I had trouble getting Vim configured to my liking so I always went back to a graphical editor. But kept the keybindings because they make me feel super-human 😄

This time switched to neovim and decided to build up my config as I ran into pain points. I love being able to fully customize every aspect of the editor despite having to use vimscript yo do it.

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