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Paweł Łopusiński
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"weak"ly linked #1

1. Quick assertion to check if you are on a proper queue ❤️

Now the only thing I need is an equivalent of this for testing - something like XCTAssertDispatch(condition: .onQueue(.main))

2. A GUI driven scripting tool in Swift 🛠
Writing scripts and automating things is a great way to improve your workflow - with this tool it would be a breeze to whip up something ad-hoc, especially with this instant and interactive feedback loop ❤️
Originally seen in this tweet

3. Floating point number math is hard(er) 🤔
Floating point math has always been tricky, and you should never use it for critical things - it's way better to use Decimal if you care about precision. That being said, I always assumed that associativity of addition was preserved here. As it turns out - its not 🤯

4. VSCode bracket guides 🔁

VSCode is such a powerful editor that keeps on giving - after all these years using it as a supercharged notepad, I think I should finally at least try to setup the environment for iOS development outside of Xcode to try it out - seems it's not that complicated, and there are many guides out there, like this first result from a quick search

What this is:
A subjective list of links I found interesting during last week, mainly to keep them around.

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