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Unofficial release of `noozy` audiophile-grade music player (Linux/Win)

loouislow profile image Loouis Low Updated on ・2 min read

Hi, I am a creator of Noozxoide Laboratories sound effect middleware technology. Android app development is no longer continue. Google Play Store. That including the new noozy 4 audiophile-grade music player. Thanks for the million downloads, love, and compliments. My team is now focusing on making an electronic and firmware embedded solution for the audio industry.

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Downloads: Linux, Windows. Let me know how you like it. Thanks.

I am making a new dark theme in my spare time. Although it will take a longer time to complete it. Please be patient.

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Please use professional headphones or practical speakers to experience it. Recommended using a headphone amplifier. Keeps away multiple filters, do not use 3rd part filter which will cause distortion and misunderstood the technologies.

An audiophile-grade music transport designed to enhance the listening experience for the on-the-go audiophile. The noozy features a premium audio player that lets you experience the best possible sound quality from your music library.

Introducing the advanced sound engineering from Noozxoide Laboratories. The noozy exclusive special effect VSP EIZO-rewire AE Series (Acoustic Engine) delivers software-layered 32bit floating-point processing power bringing the superior and aggressive sound that ever made.

ESX acoustic engine for headphones deliver automatic basic toning and acoustic restoration.

The state-of-the-art AVLS system normalizing from song to song without even needed to pre-analyze the song volume-level also acts as a smart overload protection system.

Built-in Reference mode for a completely balanced listening experience. So you get nothing less than exceptional sound performance, every time. Now doesn’t that sound great?


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