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First off, I just shared a link to your resume with @jackdeadman96 above as a suggestion for how he might better format is 2 column resume. I have never seen 2 column resumes before today but yours is very easy to read. I like it!

Since you have so many languages and db's listed I would also add what languages and dbs you used in your work experience section. That way people can gauge how long you have been working with a language. Sometimes it is also helpful to include what level you are with each one. I usually say "Proficient in x, y, z" "Familiar with a, b, c"

I would put Work Experience on top and Education under it especially since that is the most relevant experience you have for a dev job.

I also might swap the Publications and the Languages section since those skills are the first things an employer will look for.

Honestly, besides that I really, really like your formatting. Its neat and catchy at the same time.

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