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React Form and Array example

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React Form and Array example

In this tutorial, we're gonna build a simple React Application that shows an Array of items submitted from a Form.

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I. Technologies

  • React 16
  • NodeJs 6.11.2
  • NPM 3.10.10
  • Yarn 1.5.1
  • Babel 6.24.1

    II. Practice

    1. Goal

    We will build a React Application that can receive data from a form submission, then display them as a list:


2. Project Structure


3. Step by Step

3.0 Set up Environment

We need NodeJs, Yarn and Babel to compile and run this example.
Please visit Set up Environment for step by step.

3.1 Set up Project folder

Create folder for BindData project, then make subfolders and subfiles like this:

3.2 Dependency

Open package.json, write these lines for project information and dependency:

More at:

React Form and Array example

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