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no loops!


def sum_square_difference(n):
      return (((n**2) * (n + 1)**2) / 4) - (n * (n + 1) * (2*n + 1) / 6)


I dont know why when I tried to upload images they dont appear


Aw yeah 👌

If some are wondering, that comes from well-known formulas for the sum of the first n integers and n squares. There's a generalization, too, but also a pretty common formula for the first n cubes.

A solid mathematical approach can really simplify programming challenges. It almost feels like cheating.


Definitely highlights the need for maths in software development.


Woah, alright, you win 😲.
Also, there's a guide here to embed code and images in markdown (what dev.to uses).


thanks, I'm going to check it.

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