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re: I know 😃 but mostly its not followed through.

In my experience it's followed most of the times, when it's necessary of course not blindly. In your example the original code is simple and very well structured. Putting a couple of lines of code in a method that is not reused outside this class is a bit extreme. But that's just me :-)

Example I used is just a snippet. The init() method earlier actually spanned 1000s of lines. And the extra line I have put between each set of logic is so that its easy to follow.

If a method has 1000s of lines then it's definitely a nightmare. But moving every 2/3 lines to a method will only make it worse. You'll end up with hundreds of methods. You need another kind of refactoring, perhaps creating multiple classes with different responsibilities.

Yeah we actually did the refactoring and created multiple classes and methods.

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