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Discussion on: How do you approach knowledge gaps?

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Lindsey Kopacz

I take notes about the comments in my PRs. What types of feedback am I getting? Is it a small mistake I made (Forgetting a preferred format once or twice) or is it a consistent comment I am getting. If it's consistent, that helps me a ton to figure out where my gaps are.

Right now, my gaps are writing jest tests. I am transitioning to writing React components from scratch + d3 from Drupal development. I have experience with React and jest, but not writing them from scratch. I take notes of where I have good instincts (where someone likes what I did) and where someone comments that it could be improved.

I am pretty active about asking questions while coding too. I tell my mentors "This is my instinct/gut feeling, but I want to make sure I am not going down a rabbit hole." This helps me TREMENDOUSLY :D

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Maniflames Author

This is a strong idea, others often see what you don't. Sometimes it's very easy to look at feedback, nod and forget about in no time. Taking notes while receiving feedback + being active about asking questions are things I should do more often 😅. Thanks for the advice Lindsey 😊

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Lindsey Kopacz • Edited

You're welcome! I didn't go through any formal training in web dev, so I find random gaps in my knowledge all the time. I'm almost an expert at finding my knowledge gaps 😂