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re: It comes from a combination of the "hacker" stereotype and the fact that a great many (if not most) software developers (who are arguably the pione...

That's such a good point. I never really thought of it that way "Highlighting what you ignore/neglect when working in an office" <- SO FREAKING TRUE.

I guess for me I never really had problems socializing outside of work. In fact, I usually need to cut that back because I am human and the amount of socializing I did was really hard for me to maintain my home routines/structure. I am really glad you pointed this out though because that is definitely where I think working remotely gets a lot of the negative associations.

Working remotely I think will get more popular with my generation (millennial) because of the flexibility of it. I have a suspicion that it's going to be even more popular when my generation has more kids (my friends with kids already are taking more work from home days)

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