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Navigating Docker With Captains - Mohammad-Ali


This is the second episode of "Navigating Docker With Captains” - an exclusive series of conversations with Docker Captains. In this episode, we sit down with Mohammad - Docker Captain and Senior Software Engineer at Odel.

Giving Back to the Docker Community

The "Navigating Docker With Captains” series is part of an ongoing effort to create fun, valuable, dev-focused content to celebrate the launch of the Liveycle Docker Extension.

The Livecycle Docker Extension enables developers to instantly and securely share local development environments and get feedback much earlier in the development workflow, without the hassle of staging environments or CI builds. It’s one of several tools from Livecycle that enables developers and their teams to quickly and easily share work and get actionable feedback at any point in the SDLC and Git workflow.

And with built in collaboration tools, you get you the feedback you need in its full context so you and your team can address issues and move on.

In this Episode

In this episode, I (@pradumnasaraf) had a chat with Mohammad-Ali (@aerabi) - a Docker Captain and Senior Backend Engineer at Odel.

We'll delve into how and when Mohammad was first introduced to Docker and began his journey with it. He shared that before becoming a Captain, he was a Docker community leader and organized meetups, which he continues to do. We discussed his journey to becoming a Docker Captain by putting in multiple efforts in different directions that helped him achieve this status. Mohammad also shared how only successes are visible to the audience, and failures often go unnoticed. He mentioned that for every talk he gets accepted for, there are about 20 rejections. Additionally, he shared that he is currently writing a book on supply chain security.

Check out the complete interview on YouTube below

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Michael Tharrington

Excellent interview, Pradumna!

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Pradumna Saraf

Thank you, Michael :)

Sorry, I missed this comment!

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Michael Tharrington

No probs, Pradumna! 😀