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Discussion on: Why isn’t mainstream Linux available for mobile?

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littlephone • Edited

Yes, the locked bootloader, the requirement of unique kernels to be run on each devices, as well as the issue of out-of-tree driver, all adds up to the reason why a custom OS for phones isn't available in the market.

I think I kind of accepted that because that's how ARM devices are made and it won't be changed easily. Instead of spending time on that, I think we should move forward and look the other way on customising the existing OS to make the user-experience different.

However, I think the OEM is the one to blame. But no-one is actually doing that possibly due to the reason of money. If Bill Gates does so, I think that will be possible.

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Akash Kava Author

I guess it is just a moment when one company will release dual boot mobile phones, everyone else will start. Pine64 does look interesting and even Huawei is planning to lanuch its own OS but I guess it will make copy of Google Android.

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Karan Gandhi

No they won't.
In past Samsung had a dual OS phone which booted Windows and Android. It didn't work and they scrapped the project.
Huawei is such a bad example. They lock down their phones to such an extent that it's difficult to install anything else. And don't even get me started on their SDKs. I needed to access the data on one of their fitness devices. There is no documentation to do that and even their "standard" app requires signing up for their custom Huawei account.

There were attempts in alternative OS with Sailfish (which is now niche), FirefoxOS(scrapped) ,UbuntuTouch(scrapped but Halium lives on) .

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