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Discussion on: Beginner's guide to performing CRUD operations with Elasticsearch & Kibana

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Lisa Author • Edited

Hi @sandeep Kanabar! Thank you so much for the kind words and for the wonderful feedback. You truly made my day.

When you click on the black region where the code is presented, you will see that you can actually copy and paste the code directly from there! I purposefully structured it this way instead of including a screenshot so the readers don't have to do the tedious tasks of typing out each request.

Is that what you meant by code snippets?
Please let me know if I understood you correctly as I definitely want to address your input! :)

Thank you again for your wonderful comment and feedback. Readers like you inspire me to keep writing!

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Sandeep Kanabar

Yes. Gotcha. Works perfectly. I mistook that to be screenshot. My bad. Thanks Lisa.

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Lisa Author

No problem. Have a FANTASTIC day!! :)