I'd tell a bit about microphones if you're going to buy one.

AT2020USB+ is a good microphone for a reasonable price. I bought it myself and I'm happy with the sound quality (little-to-zero noise (little becomes zero with some audio editing tools such as Audacity) and 48kHz). I know a lot of Twitch streamers who uses this mic.

I also heard that Rode has some good mics but I don't know the models. You can, however, look at some ASMR folks, most of them use Rodes AFAIK.

You can also buy an XLR microphone, for example AT2020, a XLR-USB mixer, and you'll have much more control over your sound, but it's kinda complicated to setup and configure everything. It might cost a little more or a little less depends on your choice in mics and mixers.

USB mics are simpler in these terms and there isn't any difference between them in terms of audio quality for podcasts/youtube/twitch things.

Good luck!


NOICE!!! Thanks for your great recommendation. I'm definitely looking for one to replace my iphone earpiece. 😏 Just curious, what do you record!?


Nothing. Just bought it because I wanted to start streaming (and I still do), but I don't have enough time and motivation for it.


Best of luck
May your subscribers grow exponentially!!


Thanks! That'll be O(2N) 😏.


Hey same here!! Good luck to the both of us πŸ˜„


Thanks! What's your channel? I'LL SUBSCRIBE TO YOU. And maybe one day we can do collabs. πŸ˜‚


OMG!! YES I'd love that πŸ˜„. I'm Coding Ben on YouTube. And @heyimprax on Twitter and Instagram. Ive watched some of your vids already and it's been so fun πŸ˜„


Good luck to you both! I am hoping to get on YouTube later this year myself. I've subscribed to you both to see how it's going for you.

Subscribed, yours really cool too! Phil just do it, let’s all break youtube with tlog πŸ˜‚


Late to the party but your vids are funny and your website definitely got me πŸ˜†
Subscribed! Hopefully you'll find the time to make vids -^


Yay! Will be making video soon πŸ˜‚ thanks for being so sweet!!! Never too late for the party, join us and make video too! It’s quite fun!

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