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re: I'm really excited about the upcoming loading attribute in HTML. ? Seems like this is only chrome idea. In this case this statement is a lie, isn't...

It's something being added to the spec, it was actually an engineer at the BBC that suggested the feature 🙂


It wasn't added to spec - another lie, isn't it ?

something being added to the spec

That means it's something not in the spec that will be at some point. The world's not out to get you 🙂

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  1. Not carrying about other browsers than chrome (as pushing (news pressure) mozilla/safari/opera/etc engineers by chrome to introduce something which doesn't exist still in spec is wrongdoing ; Probably you like pressure created by competition and their news (which is still not in specs... I thought that is community not driven only by chrome(google) ) (If you still didn't agree I want to here 'how you will feel hearing news like that when you still under same 'community driven group' and your functionality have defects ???

  2. Trying to create their own English gramma/word meaning
    "something being added to the spec"/" = "That means it's something not in the spec that will be at some point."

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