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Discussion on: How to make return loop for in ReactJs

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Andrew Bone

You could make this a bit simpler by using new Array which lets you just say how long you want an array to be.

function Loading({ item = 4 }) {
  return [ Array(item)].map((_, i) => (
    <div key={`skeleton-just-arrived-${i}`} className="px-4 relative card group">
      <div className="rounded-xl overflow-hidden card-shadow relative bg-gray-300" style={{ width: "287px", height: "386px" }}  />
      <div className="w-8/12 h-3 absolute bottom-16 left-10 bg-gray-400 mt-3 rounded-full" />
      <div className="w-6/12 h-3 absolute bottom-10 left-10 bg-gray-400 mt-3 rounded-full" />
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Dicky Saputra Author