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What The Next 20 Million Devs Want w/ Tiff in Tech & Stereotype Breakers' Masha Zvereva

The world is shortly going to need another 20 million developers, and with over 1,000 engineering leaders joining us for INTERACT on April 7th, there’s no better time to talk to two people who have captured the minds of millions of developers - and will be featured at INTERACT - Tiffany Janzen and Masha Zvereva.

In addition to their own tech careers, both women have become prominent voices in the dev community, Tiffany is most well-known for her Tiff in Tech YouTube channel and Masha for her company Stereotype Breakers.

Tiff and Masha spend their time connecting, communicating and inspiring the next generation of devs. They’re the ideal experts to dive deep on how Gen Z devs think and what they want.

That’s why we were so happy they took time to sit down for an episode of Dev Interrupted to give us some incredible insights on what it’s going to take to recruit, hire and retain the millions of new developers who are joining the workforce.

If you want to join Tiffany and Masha at INTERACT on April 7th, it’s easy: Just register at

See you there!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:29) How Tiff transitioned into tech from the fashion industry
  • (8:18) Mistakes companies make in the recruitment process
  • (14:59) Are technical interviews still necessary?
  • (18:26) The traits engineering leaders have that devs respect
  • (21:21) How to get your start as a content creator
  • (24:47) Founding of Stereotype Breakers
  • (26:18) The questions devs want answered
  • (29:22) Reasons devs turn down jobs
  • (33:01) Keeping devs motivated & happy once they join your team
  • (38:23) Knowing your worth as a dev & fighting for it

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Tiff's YouTube channel is a great resource, really cool to hear from her outside of her usual content.