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Windows 11 Web Clone. With ReactJS.

Chaitanya Prabuddha
Hey šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Chaitanya Prabuddha. I love tech and studying to code by myself. I want to make lives easier.
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Windows 11 is a new operating system that microsoft just releashed after years of continous use of windows 10. Although windows 10 is already good, windows 11 provides upgraded UI, new features & the most useful of the use of andoird apps in it nativily by using Amazon App Store.

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This feature make a lot of sense in windows because Macs already have this features for a while now. They easily use IOS apps in all Apple Computers like Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, IMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and etc, etc.

Windows 11 Design

Windows 11 provides a amazing design with a lot of changes from windows 10. Here is a look at the design of windows 11-

Alt Text

Windows 11 UI Clone

My Brother made a windows 11 homepage clone ( Only UI ) With React.Js. You Can Check The Code At Github:

-> thevik/windows11 or Click Here

Here is a look at this design:

Alt Text

THanks For Reading.

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