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4 awesome projects worth collecting

lindelof profile image lindelof ・2 min read

I have been staying at home recently, and when facing the computer, I was collecting all kinds of fun things.

I wonder if you have also encountered this kind of time, when you want to find a certain effect or something, but you are at a loss and you can't find it. At this time, you will regret it. If you can usually collect more treasures.

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I have carefully selected three awesome items that are worth collecting for you, maybe you can think of it when you need it

1. Awesome Web Effect

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It's like decorating a beautiful Christmas tree in a room. Sometimes a small web page with cool effects will make your project shine. This is a very fun series, I want to collect those cool effects that are common on the page.

Not limited to any framework (react, vue, angular, etc.), as long as the effect can be simply inserted into the page, you can send it to me, I like them and hope you like them too.

2. Awesome Landing Page

A series of beautiful and practical landing page templates. There are a lot of beautiful landing page templates. They are built using various front-end technologies. I hope you like them.

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3. Awesome Web VR

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A curated list of awesome WebVR packages and resources. WebVR was an experimental JavaScript application programming interface (API) that enabled applications to interact with virtual reality devices, such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard or Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) in a web browser. It was implemented in Firefox and Chromium-based browsers until, before being deprecated and removed. WebVR API was superseded by a more powerful WebXR API that is capable of representing virtual reality and augmented reality devices simultaneously.

4. Awesome web storage

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Everything you need to know about Client-side Storage.Web storage, sometimes known as DOM storage (Document Object Model storage), provides web application software methods and protocols used for storing data in a web browser.

Web storage is being standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It was originally part of the HTML5 specification, but is now in a separate specification.


Thank you very much for your patience to see here, I think you are a crazy geek just like me. I hope you like my column, I will always share useful things to everyone.


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Thank you from a fellow geek!
So lovely 😍