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I think you need to refelct a bit more...

First, what is the real reason to work on the Weekend and stucking on this Problems?
Hornor ? Fear? Expectations ? Loyalty...?

What is the Motivation for that ?
If you find them you can learn from it, work on it and use it for you.

Enjoy your life, but ensure that you enjoy ;)

If you dont have any problem with this kind of Motivations, you need to Look to the Week not only to the Weekend. I think this is a normal reaction of the Human Brain.

If you say youre Brain „work on it, work on it!!!!11!“ for 5 Days,
it will be able to work on Day 6 and 7 also...

The calendar or the layout is made up by people not by nature. Why should our brain orientate to it? Habit...

„the household will be destroyed in the good times“

Give your Brain some pauses on the week... and the weekend is yours...
Mindfulness can be helpful here to reduce the „on the run“ phases in the Week.

So if you are 5 Days „on the run“, you are the next few Days also „on the run“. You condition yourself like an athlete only just the brain.

I condition myself (unconsciously, like most) to solve „it-problems“ for 24 of my 30 years, with all the consequences (overwhelmingly negative from my perspective). Please do it more consciously than me.

I hope you find your right middle.

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