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Discussion on: How to contribute to DEV this hacktoberfest

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Anna Buianova

A couple of issues from me to contribute to:

Few items left to move delays to ActiveJob:

Move delay calls to ActiveJob #3136

As described in #2497, to be less dependent of DelayedJob we also need to move jobs which are created by calling delay method to ActiveJob:

Here is the list of the calls:

  • [x]
  • [ ] MembershipMailer.delay.new_membership_subscription_email
  • [ ] MembershipMailer.delay.subscription_update_confirm_email
  • [ ] MembershipMailer.delay.subscription_cancellation_email
  • [ ] user.follow
  • [ ] reaction.create
  • [ ]
  • [ ] HtmlVariantSuccess.create
  • [ ] HtmlVariantTrial.create
  • [ ] message.send_push
  • [ ]
  • [ ] several calls in trigger_delayed_index

Actions for each of the calls:

  • create a corresponding ActiveJob, specify a queue name
  • call the required method inside a job
  • replace the delay method calls with a job perform_later call
  • you may need to modify the existing tests by using perform_enqueued_job instead of run_background_jobs_immediately helper

Remember to pass record ids (if needed) instead of ActiveRecord objects to a job to avoid deserialization errors (#1621)

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Remove unused methods:

Remove unused `_without_delay` methods #2950

While asynchronous methods are being moved to separate Active Jobs (#1996, #2497), we keep _without_delay methods for a while, because the jobs that use this method can still exist at the moment of deploy. But eventually, we need to delete them to declutter because most of them are not actively used in the codebase. Some of these methods are used in the codebase explicitly. I suppose that it's worth to replace such calls with the perform_now job calls. But at least we should delete the unused methods.

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Display podcast episode's published_at date #3498

I would like to see published_at date of an episode on its page, in the podcasts feed and on the podcast's episodes list. It would allow me to understand if the episode is fresh and if the podcast is active.

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