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Discussion on: What are your favourite dev resources?

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Anna Buianova

Apart from

  • a couple of weekly newsletters. I love Ruby Weekly. There are more of them on other dev topics.
  • books. I have a huge list to read, here's a part of it
  • twitter. I cleaned up my feed, so most of it is useful in terms of learning or finding out of new stuff (I mostly use other sites to waste my time :)
  • podcasts (One day I'll make a list of those I listen to)
  • reading code (e.g. of opensource projects on github)
  • I also like Stephen Grider's Udemy courses, but I only learn from them occasionally
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Glenn Carremans Author • Edited on

Thanks for thinking out of the box and sharing resources besides websites ๐Ÿ˜„indeed there are lots of other mediums that we can use to gain knowledge.