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things i like: art & design, yoga, and vegetarian cooking

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re: Where are you attending CodeLand from today?
I'm joining from upstate New York 🍎
re: Welcoming Gracie Gregory to the DEV Team
Welcome Gracie!
re: I am one of the world’s leading experts on sloths and the founder of The Sloth Conservation Foundation, ask me anything!
Hi! Thank you so much for doing this. Why did you get involve...
re: Welcoming Arit Amana to the DEV Team ✨
Welcome to the team!
re: I'm Vivek Saraswat, investor in Dev Tools + Infra startups @ Mayfield and former product leader @ Docker/VMware/AWS. AMA!
Why did you decide to get into investing?
re: Fellow Developers, What Should Our Last Name Be?
re: How I built 100 Projects in 100 Days
re: DEV Summer Style
Great idea 😃Maybe we'll look into this!
re: How do you keep good posture while sitting?
I think those back braces do work because it prevents you f...
re: Byte Sized Episode 3: The First Ever Sorting Algorithm
For all fans of Byte Sized, we now have a Byte Sized stick...
re: How to implement horizontal scrolling using Flexbox
Really clear explanation!
re: Read the React Hooks docs (again)
So if it's been a while, give the docs another look. You'l...
re: Do you actually want your own open source project?
I might have to try it myself!
re: Byte Sized Episode 1: Grace Hopper
Hi, sorry it had been unlisted on YouTube, it's now public!...
re: Byte Sized Episode 1: Grace Hopper
Grace Hopper is a badass! It was super fun working on thi...
re: DEV Summer Style
Love this! Thanks for idea :)
re: DEV Summer Style
She is the best! We need to make her a DEV dog collar haha....
re: New Shirts Available in The DEV Shop!
It should have been live with the newer shirts, but the old...
re: New Shirts Available in The DEV Shop!
The Broken Image and Software shirt come in 4XL. We now ha...
re: New Shirts Available in The DEV Shop!
Thanks for your feedback. I also don't usually buy unisex s...
re: New Shirts Available in The DEV Shop!
Awesome, thanks! Glad you're liking the shop!
re: Design Ideas: 16 Week Writing Streak Badge
Great idea! I think we're going to incorporate this into th...
re: Nevertheless, Ali Coded
This is horrible and I'm so sorry that you have to deal wit...
re: Nevertheless, Liana Coded
haha thank you! I love Halloween. I feel the same about you...
re: We have some fab #SheCoded Merch Available for Purchase!
It looks awesome!
re: How do you get Node.js apps to production?
Zeit! I'm still a beginner so I don't have great answers f...
re: Basic Color Theory for Web Developers
I have always feel slightly intimidated by color. My go to...
re: I'm Joseph Jacks, founder of OSS Capital, ask me anything!
Hey! thanks so much for doing this! Sounds like you are inv...
re: Openmoji - Open Source Emojis For Everyone ❤
This is really cool! I love the look!
re: The truth about impostor syndrome
Thanks for this!
re: Notable: The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck
This one seems quite polished so far.
re: The Gift of Giving Up
Wow, fascinating read. Incredibly honest assessment.
re: Building a Startup completely in the Open
Fabulous story
re: What is the hardest thing about learning to code?
Knowing what you don't need to know. You hear a word or co...
re: Brutalist Web Design. A Breath of Fresh Air in the Modern Web
Thank you for sharing this. I'm loving going through all th...
re: Italy's Inspiring Fifty
Awesome post!
re: Different types of testing explained
Great post!
re: Automating Simple Things with Python is Awesome
(My inner startup is well-staffed.) I hope you never fac...
re: Introducing React-Scroll-To v2
re: What are your best tips for working from home?
I LOVE working from home but it can be a challenge. I find ...
re: Job title: Full-time Open Sourcerer
Agreed -- Love this look!
re: I’m a digital nomad and author of High Performance Android Apps, ask me anything!
What are your thoughts on flutter?
re: Jelly Fin: Ok, we're going Open Source
Yay! Congrats!!
re: Welcome Thread - v15
Hey welcome to dev.to! How/why did you transition into web ...
Yes you can!! Don't listen to what these people are telling y...
re: How to Get Un-Stuck
Great post
re: What Are Some Good Starting Points to Learn What I Need to Write My Own Toy Language?
It really should ping @mortoray right when the post is emb...
re: 25 Tips for New Developers: Advice from a (Mostly) Self-Taught Software Engineer
Great post!
re: We're the core maintainers of Storybook, Ask Us Anything!
What's the coolest thing people are doing?
re: We're the core maintainers of Storybook, Ask Us Anything!
Hey all! Thanks for doing this! How did Storybook come toget...
re: I'm Addy Osmani, Ask Me Anything!
Hey Addy, Thanks so much for doing this! How much do differ...
re: I'm an open source enthusiast at Mapbox, the creator of Leaflet and 40+ other JS libraries, and a rock musician. AMA!
Hey Vladimir! Thanks for doing this! How do you find time...
re: I'm Junade Ali, author of multiple software books and working on a PhD in theoretical computer science. Ask me anything!
Hey Junade! What's the coolest thing Cloudflare is working...
re: I'm a UX UI developer, ask me anything!
How did you get into UX?
re: Dockerize a Rails 5, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq and Action Cable Application with Docker Compose
Docker is awesome. I can see!
re: Hi, I’m Christine and I started contributing to Debian when I was 15. Now I’m the CTO of Nylas, ask me anything!
Who is the most impressive programmer/computer scientist yo...
re: Hi, I’m Christine and I started contributing to Debian when I was 15. Now I’m the CTO of Nylas, ask me anything!
Hey Christine! Thanks for doing this! How has open source c...
re: Welcome Thread - v11
re: Sorry about some brief down time 😵
re: Microbenchmarking your Scala Code
re: I'm Tracy Lee, a RxJS Core Team member and Google Developer Expert, ask me anything![FINISHED]
What's the best software conference you go to?
re: I'm Tracy Lee, a RxJS Core Team member and Google Developer Expert, ask me anything![FINISHED]
What's it like being a core team member on a major open sou...
re: I'm Charity Majors, Ask Me Anything! [FINISHED]
Hey Charity! What's the hardest part about dealing with the...
re: Introducing: Inveinta - Another Inventory Management Tool
Very cool! Thanks for sharing. There's some good game rec...
re: I'm Sandi Metz, Ask Me Anything! [Finished]
Hey Sandi! Thanks for doing this! How often do you write co...
re: React Beginner Question Thread ⚛
Hey Dan, thanks for doing this. What would you say is the l...
re: I'm a co-founder of dev.to, ask me anything!
What's your favorite part about working on dev.to?
re: I'm the maintainer of Babel, ask me anything!
Hey Henry! Since most of your work is being a maintainer, ...