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What do you prefer for your variable names? camelCase or snake_case?

lffg profile image Luiz Felipe Gonçalves ・1 min read

I so badly wished JavaScript to be snake_case by convention...

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

Whichever the language itself prefers, because consistency is a good thing.

I tend towards snake case by default out of habit, but I tend to not use multi-word variable names (multi-word function names, however, I use a lot).

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jen chan

Also into camelcase but it must be JS convention and if I knew a different language maybe that would change...

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It is but its common in other languages too, e.g. Kotlin/Swift :)

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Taha Tesser

camelCase all day

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Vicki (she/her)

snake_case because it’s Python convention.

I’m not a fan of camelCase. Like smashing words together ever made sense... I also avoid JavaScript.

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