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re: Being A Woman On The Internet Is... "Fun": A Scientific Study VIEW POST


I think this post is also here just to prove that men tend to find wrong in women's words. Otherwise, if we really gonna solve the problem of men behaviour, we need proper methods. Pointing out to a shitty comments in Twitter makes all your men followers feel guilty, while those who are similar kind to those commentators either ignore the post with "nah" or gonna write that your research is bullshit. we're tech people and not psychologists to solve the issue, but we can at least try to do things better. if a person don't know how to behave in 2019 then we should understand how to make the person think differently. proving to the person he is wrong is not the same as educating.
Michiel Hendriks wrote an amazing comment on how to make your post better. He didn't say "hey there are more men in tech and hence your tweet noticed more men and hence you just overreact". He proposed a way to educate.

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