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Lex Swed on August 13, 2018

TL;DR Vue.js can't be called "same good as React" (or even "better"). React, as a code library, its tricks and architectural decisions (... [Read Full]
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I've been coding/watching Vue for the last few months and it has really surged in popularity. I think Vue is always the better choice unless you have very good reasons to choose something else.


I tried to use React in my side project, got headache on understanding how to begin the project at all. when I met Vue I found that it's pretty easy to begin, easy to read documentation and libraries in GitHub they are pretty stable on use. I am not doing frontend daily but vue helped me a lot to make pretty stable dashboard during the day.

React is still on top in case if you are looking for work. But Vue is much easy to begin and use in short time and in case if you don't have technical limitations by the project.


I'm curious, I've never given any real interest to React (HTML in JS? yuck) so I wonder how exactly it is ahead of Vue?


for me it's ahead of Vue in one obvious and one personal points:

  • obvious: larger community and ecosystem (not like a real problem)
  • personal: Fiber architecture is just amazing. Vue.js approach is quite straightforward in how it renders DOM and updates Nodes. Fiber allows to render stuff by chunks, which is the huge look and feel improvement in some of the cases. and React's so-called Suspense looks pretty same cool, it's something everybody gonna use.
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