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Discussion on: Be good at one thing, not average at everything

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Lewis Cowles

However, you really start pushing your limit and the limit of your tools when you focus on one thing: one framework, one language, one project, etc. And you will get deeper knowledge along the way.

I suppose it depends on how much focus you apply, and what you define as one thing, one framework.

You can get really skilled at hammering if you dedicate yourself to it. The problem is that there are better tools for all but the most narrow of tasks, and all of a sudden the notion of one-thing, one-framework, one-language disintegrates like cheese through a grater. Of course, if you disingenuously assume carpentry is one thing, then I suppose you're right in that alternate reality you created where sawing wood and hammering is all you need, it probably would do to focus on that one thing and not medieval sword crafting for example.

I'd strongly suggest if you do keep at PHP, you do not remain tied to a framework, but pick something less open to the whims & fortunes of developers. Perhaps you'll still use Laravel, but you'll pick PHP itself as your specialisation, or network applications, or performance engineering PHP. Something that is more likely to survive the next HackerNews article.