My own React tutorial! Feedback needed

Updated on Dec 07, 2018


I once heard something like "If you can explain it simple enough it means you really know the subject". I have been studying Front-End for a couple of months and I wanted to check if I really know how to use React, so I wrote a small tutorial.

The catch is that I'm very sure there are a lot of things missing in the tutorial and as it is the first time I write something like this I need feedback from everyone, from junior (did you understand?) to senior (did I forgot to add something?).

So here it is. Feel free to comment here or making a pull request to change the tutorial, it'll be much appreciated.

LeWanderer / Learn-React-fast

React.js introduction tutorial I made to learn faster


Are you an impatient student like me? This is the React tutorial for you.

Google components


Before we start...

I’m writing this because of two reasons:

  1. The first is to ensure I know React so well that I can write a tutorial.
  2. I consider most tutorials to be very slow and I like going fast and straight to action, so here you will see little text just to know what is going on. Because of this I will mention some features I won't cover because I consider them unnecesary.

Things you should

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Hey Lucas, great tutorial. I really like the fast pace.

It achieves what is promised, a fast introduction to React, it`s really clear and well written.

Maybe you could progress to more complex cases, such as the advantages and disadvantages of the multiple styling options available, or use cases for Class vs Function components.

Overall, great tutorial, thanks.

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm currently looking forward to add more content but wasn't sure of what to add. Thanks again!

Hey Lucas! Just an FYI that you can embed github repos directly into your post :)

{% github}

I'm not very used to markdown haha, thanks!

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