Tips for improving your Django app performance

Levi Velázquez on March 11, 2019

After years working with Django, I would like to know some tools/techniques previously in order to improve the performance and spot the bottlenec... [Read Full]
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Awesome article, there is hardly a lot of Django articles but I really like it cause it is really good in the tips and tricks for deployment.


If you want better performance avoid the Django ORM completely or use it for 3rd party Django Packages. Also avoid using any template engines or keep it simple. Use it as an REST API service


Well, it depends, you should use the ORM if your query is simple, it doesn't make sense to use raw SQL if you want just to perform a simple select, raw SQL is for complex queries. So, I don't think that we need to avoid ORM usage at all, that is the good part about using a framework, to avoid all the overhead of doing everything manually.

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