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PHP vs Nodejs vs Flask vs Django: which is the best backend language in your opinion?

leviathanprogramming profile image π‹π„π‘½πˆπ‘¨π“π‡π€π Programming ・1 min read

Which backend language is the best in your opinion?
Here's what I know so far, and if you know any more, please tell me.

  1. PHP
    I've known PHP to be a beginner-friendly coding language. It's simple and easy to use, but I kind of dropped it after I met Flask (Python).

  2. Nodejs
    Nodejs is probably one of the most used backend languages in the world. I never really got into it that much due to its complexity and difficulty.

  3. Flask
    A lot of people use Flask (A python server-side framework) and once I started using it, I did not want to stop. I mean so far, this is the easiest and best backend language for me to use. I've heard that flask is more beginner-friendly than Django but not as good.

  4. Django
    I have zero experience with this and I plan to learn it in the future. I know some people prefer it over Flask but yeah, some info from you will be great.

That's all I have to say. If you can tell me which backend language you think is best, I will surely appreciate it.
Happy coding and Happy 2021!

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highasthedn profile image

I started with PHP about 12 years ago. In 2014 I had my first project with a nodejs backend. I never went back to PHP, especially with TypeScript it is a solid backend language in my opinion. Plus you can use frameworks like React which also use JavaScript or TypeScript. So you have the same language for a separated Frontend and Backend.

leviathanprogramming profile image
π‹π„π‘½πˆπ‘¨π“π‡π€π Programming Author

I know that nodejs is in the same syntax as JS but no matter how much I learned it, I couldn't really pick it up as well as Flask.

highasthedn profile image

I will give Flask a try πŸ‘Œ

matthijsewoud profile image

There isn’t one single best language for backend. It really depends on what you want it to do, what environment there is, what packages may already exist for it that could help you, and myriad of other things.

That being said, the best backend language is obviously ASP.

(That’s a joke. ASP is terribly for most use cases and should only be used at gun-point.)

subtra3t profile image
Devansh Patil

I don't use PHP because it is very inconsistent. Its very easy to write bad and insecure code, and while in JavaScript (a frontend lang) this is only annoying, in PHP this is actually dangerous. NodeJS is excellent, but it doesn't utilize the the thousands of CPU threads that it could (and should!) use. I don't do anything backend on Python, but I have heard that Flask is used for simpler hobby projects, while Django is one of the most popular Python frameworks for big companies.

cwraytech profile image
Christopher Wray

Laravel would be more comparable to Django as far as frameworks go and it is pretty incredible. Hard to say what is better.